Yoga For Energy 1 - by Raphael

Yoga for energy

The spring is here – a time for re-birth, sun and energy……and to start Yoga. The very best place to start your Yoga journey is with the first sun salutation – Surya Namaskara A.
Surya Namaskara A is a simple sequence of 9 movements which will stretch, energise and refresh the body. It combines forward and backbends with an inversion and best of all it can be done at home in a few minutes.
Stand in Tadasana. Pull up the knee caps, tip the pelvis backwards, draw the navel towards the spine and make neck long and spacious.

Tadasana (The Mountain Posture)

Step 1 

(Inhale) Raise the arms over the head and join the palms together. Tip the head back and look at the thumbs. Stretch the diaphragm and open the front of the body.

Step 2 

(Exhale) Fold forward and place the hands on the floor. It’s important to really hollow the belly and bring the chest towards the knees. Try not to round the back or force the head on to the knees. In the beginning you might not be able to bring the hands to the floor with straight legs in the beginning so it’s fine to bend the legs. Over time, work on straightening the legs.

Step 3

(Inhale) With the legs fully engaged and a flat back, look up to the horizon.

Step 4 

(Exhale) Step both feet back and come to the high push up position. Still exhaling, lower yourself down to Chaturanga Dandasana. This is a strong posture requiring a lot of strength in the upper body. In the beginning if it is too difficult to hold yourself off the ground you can let your body touch the floor.

Step 5 

(Inhale) Roll over your toes, extend the arms and contract the whole back of the body. In the beginning the full posture might be too strong for your back so you can take a softer version by bending your arms slightly.

Step 6 

(Exhale) Stay in this posture for five full breaths
Roll back over the toes and lift the hips. In this posture the heart is higher than the head so it is an inversion. Inversions are both calming and invigorating, settling the nervous system and balancing energy. It is essential that you keep the neck completely relaxed here so that the weight of the head pulls on the spine, decompressing the discs and stretching the muscles. Keep the knees as stright as possible so that the back of the legs are stretched.

Step 7 

(Inhale) Step forward and come back to the third position. Keep the back flat.

Step 8 

(Exhale) Return the second posture.

Step 9 

(Inhale) Raise the arms and stretch up. Then return to Tadasana.

There it is; Surya Namaskara A. It takes a little over one minute to perform and we normally do five sun salutations to start our practice. Five Surya Namaksara A will get the heart pumping, open the joints and stretch the muscles.

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